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Getting Started:

  • Before you begin, make sure that you have installed certificates of both Exchange Servers.
  • Use Calendar Synchonizer.exe.xml config file to configure Application.
  • Check if admin have ApplicationSynchronization role.

Configuring Exchange Server:

Users who recently installed new Typical Exchange server must assign Hygiene Management role group to admin account.
Users who haven't Hygiene Management role group on their server must do the following:
  • Log into Exchange server by PowerShell (run Exchange Management Shell) (Important: If system is diffrent from Windows 7 install following patch:
  • Add new role group by cmdlet:
New-RoleGroup -Name "Synchronization Management" -Roles "ApplicationImpersonation" -Members "Admin" -- it creates Role Group named "Synchronization Management" with "ApplicationImpersonation" role. It adds initial member - Admin.
  • You can check your Role Group configuration by logging into ""/ecp with Organization Owner account (Administrator Roles tab).

Deploying manual:

1. We own 2 Exchange servers : Source & Destination(Live@edu). Both servers must have configured Impersonation
2. We configure application via Calendar Synchonizer.exe.config which is located in Installation Catalog
3. In App.config replenish values for keys:
  • key="ActiveDirectoryAdress" - place name of domain where Exchange users are located
  • key="ActiveDirectoryFilter" - specify filter for Active Directory
  • key="sourceURI" - URI of source Exchange Server
  • key="sourceESversion" - version of source Exchange Server (example: 2007_sp1 , 2010)
  • key="sourceAdminAccountName" - Name of admin account on source Exchange Server
  • key="sourceAdminAccountPassword" - Password of admin account on source Exchange Server
  • key="destinationURI" - URI of destination Exchange Server
  • key="destinationESversion" - version of destination Exchange Server (example: 2007_sp1 , 2010)
  • key="destinationAdminAccountName" - Name of admin account on destination Exchange Server
  • key="destinationAdminAccountPassword" - Password of admin account on destination Exchange Server

4. After configuration run program. It will add a task to Windows Task Scheduler (it will do task in 1 day interval), and do initial synchronization.

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